Tokushi Anubis

Taking a detour from imaginary or real-world species, Tokushi ventured into an ancient religion. Anubis, Egyptian God of the afterlife is brought to Second Life with Tokushi’s style. Decked out with numerous Ancient Egyptian clothing and accessories, we’ll take a look at this interpretation of the legend.


TKAnubisTombOut of the Box:

  • Tongue out option
  • Twitching and set position ear choice
  • Scripted/wagging tail
  • Sculpted eyelids including 4 optional states of open
  • 3D moving eyes
  • Random and set finger positions
  • Extra staff attached to avatar hand, with basic AO for stand and walk included.
  • Moving jaw with typing and speech
  • Color changing eyes
  • 7 eyebrow expression options
  • Scarab necklace plus all accessories pictured
  • 4 muzzle expressions



Script Time with HUD


Script Time without HUD


Avatar Rendering Cost



Build and Skin:

The avatar comes with both male and female shapes despite the original Anubis only being male. A few accessories reflect differences in sex by looking more or less effeminate. The skin of the Anubis avatar is the most simple of Tokushi avatars up to date, owing to the single-coloured nature of the avatar. Therefore, all of the texture effort has gone into defining body parts with highlights and shadows. The result is an organic body that is not a colour blob on your screen. The body textures accentuate the chest and belly, and even show the spine underneath the back of the lanky avatar shape. Fortunately, Tokushi keeps the level of this texturing not only the body, but over each attachment so that you can always identify, for example, when a hand is in front of the stomach.


The included shapes are rather tall and lanky, so the attachments are designed to fit the shape. Neatly shaped foot-paws with large toes and a smaller-sized heel make way to competent digitigrade legs. Right above where the digitigrade leg bends, a golden metal sculpt sits in Egyptian fashion. I should not neglect to mention the vestigial dew-claw that is placed and sized properly on the digitigrade leg relative to the foot-paw itself. The hands are similar in style and textures to the feet, but are most definitely hand-shaped; with sharp claws on the end of each of the 5 digits. Contrary to the feet, the palms of the hand attachments do not have paw-pads, but the tips of each fingers have pads, which leads to slightly bulbous fingertips that supplement the avatar well. The tail of the avatar is its most simple part; a lone flexible prim makes up the body of the tail, while at the base, flexible fluff gives it a little bit of separation from the avatar’s backside.


At this point we move to discuss the head. The entirety of the head has a sharply defined look to it. You do not find the ‘organic’ touch that you would on others avatars that are more ‘organic’ and ‘natural.’ This is likely because of the reflection of the idealised ‘perfection’ of the Supernatural God. To this effect, the muzzle is roughly pyramidal shaped with a prism-shaped nose. The interior of the muzzle is nothing too exemplary, with the usual mouth parts included. However, aside from a good tongue and teeth, we recognise that Tokushi has done some work on giving the avatar believable gums. We admittedly wonder if we had missed this in earlier reviews.

The muzzle is textured to give the head a canine look despite the simplicity of features. In fact, aside from the emphasis that has gone into the brow highlighting, the only real markings are yellow-orange-ish Egyptian markings around the eyes themselves, and the finely painted eyebrows. Users wishing not to wear the Egyptian face-markings can instead wear an alternative head in the Extras Folder that comes with the exact same head without the painted markings. The eyes themselves are well-fitted and large; easily expressive when the user plays around with the eyebrow and eye state settings. As usual, users can choose from pre-defined eye colours through the colour picker int he HUD.

Finally, we take a look at the ears. A defining feature of Anubis is the particularly tall, pointed ears, and this avatar reflects that very well. Both ears stand well above the forehead in a slightly concave shape and arch forward a slight. The textures support the contours of the ears, and even utilise an interesting pattern on the interior of the ears that adds an extra touch.



In short, the body and its parts are relatively more simple than most Tokushi avatars, but that is partly because a good percentage of the avatar is made whole by the accessories, which we will discuss now. While rings are attached directly to the digitigrade legs, two more elaborate pairs are able to be attached to each arm. One is attached to the forearm while the other is attached to the arm itself, both of similar design but different proportions. The ornate quality of the armbands are reproduced in the skirt that comes with the avatar. A neat fact about the skirts is that they have been sculpted to follow the shape of the body of males and females. The result is a piece of clothing that fits perfectly around the waist regardless of gender. The front is adorned with an Ankh (Egyptian) Cross before giving way to a neatly textured flexi skirt that stops near the knees.


The avatar also comes with a large collar that covers a good portion of the neck, the shoulders, and a bit of the back and the chest. The collar is suitably contoured to the body shape much like the skirts, and textured to keep in theme. Again like the skirt, you will find this in a male and female version that will fit the provided shape of each sex. Attached to the collar is the staff; a long, ornate rod that has the Ankh/Egyptian Cross at the top with a figure of an Anubis head in the circle. The staff itself can be considered a centerpiece of the avatar depending on whether one counts accessories or not. Finally, the head comes with head-dress of blue locks tipped with golden ends, again keeping true to the original.

There are a few other plays on these options. Under the Extras folders, users have a choice of adding an ornate scarab (beetle) to the collar or as a stand-alone necklace. (As shown in the preceding pictures). Additionally, Tokushi has provided another copy of the staff, but this time being held in the right hand. The included AO makes the avatar stand tall and majestically while presenting the staff. The animation overrider also includes a walking animation that uses the staff.


Heads-Up Display (HUD) and Features:

This avatar preceded the Tokushi Jackal, so you see many of the features that were made available with the Tokushi Jackal. The ability to ‘set’ the eyeball rotation is not available here, but that comes with the Tokushi Jackal avatar. The HUD is neatly designed with good aesthetics, though it is difficult to properly see the eyebrow states on the ‘Head’ Page. Tokushi has remedied this on future avatars by using arrows to show the eyebrow-state options better. The features and HUD are as follows:

  • Head: Eye State (Open, Half-Open, Closed), Blink Toggle, Eyebrow Toggle, Individual Eye Colour
  • Ears: Position, Twitch Toggle
  • Hands: Posing, Auto-Posing Toggle
  • Mouth: Open/Close Toggle, Tongue In/Out Toggle, Smile/Neutral/Frown Toggle
  • Tail: Wag Toggle



The avatar is easy to customise as it comes with copiable, modifiable permissions. Despite the sharp features defining it as a creature of a supernatural stature, I have seen some users make interesting usage of the Anubis in their own personal usage, not limited to turning it into a Saluki dog. Utilising third-party hairs will not be too particularly difficult with this avatar.



The Tokushi Anubis is a neat and enjoyable interpretation of the Ancient Jackal-headed God. Sometimes avatars do not need to be altogether elaborate and detailed to the max to be a complete, presentable package, and the Tokushi Anubis is an example of this. By focusing on the accessories and clothing that tie this avatar to an ancient history, users get an avatar that is not only easy to customise, but a conversation topic when the Egyptian gear is worn.


Forepawz is a sneaky shapeshifter - if you see him around taking pictures for SLARF, say 'hello!'

  • Ari

    Wow, where did u make this pictures? O__O Those pictures are awesome!

    Oh, and this dog is one of the best avatars, i think. <3

  • jon

    where where these pics taken please tell us

  • Science

    Best Anubis on the market! The textures and sculpts are fantastic. The ears and facial markings are some of my favorite features. C:

    My only complaint, is that there should have been two tail options. The normal skinny one, and another one that looks more like a real jackal’s tail.

  • W

    Canines do NOT have dew-claws on their hind legs. Only their front legs. It makes sense therefore to have 5 fingers but not much sense to include dew claws on the legs. Other than that it looks nice.

    • Science

      Kinda late, but I just thought I’d add this.

      My Leonberger dog has dewclaws on all four of his legs. So I think it depends on the dog, and genetics.

  • SolInvictus

    Looks like a great avatar from what I see. Also, where were these pictures taken? All of them look awesome!