Srs Corp – Okeia

Srs Corp – while perhaps best known for its production of weaponry, has delved into the world of anthropomorphic avatars. Utilising a combination of rigged and unrigged components, Srs Corp brings us the Okeia; an original proto mammal.

Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
  • Box contains 3 avatar variants of colour theme purchased
  • Alpha layer
  • PG skin
  • Male/Female shapes
  • Talkjaw
  • Eyelid states
  • Pupil dilation
  • Iris/Pupil/Sclera colour options
  • Rigged/Unrigged leg options
  • Leg Alpha toggle in HUD (unrigged legs can be adjusted manually)
  • Claw toggle (as part of aforementioned alpha controls)
  • Optional horns
  • ✓ Modify
  • ✓ Copy
  • ✗ NOT Transferable
  • Script Usage With HUD:
    •  592 KiloBytes, (10 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD:
    • 464 KiloBytes, (8 Scripts)
  • Avatar Render Weight:
    • 14027


This is an example of one of the more niche anthropomorphic avatars in that it appears to be a mammalian reptile. The HUD is straightforward and intuitive. The attachments for the Okeia compliment the standard LL mesh avatar body. The face is rounded, the legs are narrow and semi reptillian, and the textures give the suggestion of soft fur patterning.Okeia_HEAD_360



Each avatar purchase contains 3 Okeia avatars corresponding to a particular colour scheme. For example, the ‘red’ avatar pack contains an Okeia in red & white, red & black, and red & cream respectively. This gives the purchaser a little more variety, and effectively three avatars for a single price.




The inclusion of rigged and unrigged legs which can be partially masked is an interesting feature; potentially allowing users to make use of clothing where portions of the leg would otherwise clip through. The modelling for the mesh components retains an overall sharp and consistent aesthetic, which isn’t overbearing – this minimalist approach allows for a lot of modification. The option to toggle the eye dilation, eyelid states and overall colour of the iris, pupil and sclera are a pleasant addition to assist in giving each avatar slight, individual quirks. Another detail which brings life to the Okeia is the subtle flicking of the tongue during talking and typing animations:

Okeia Talkjaw

Click the image for a short demonstration of the animated tongue/talkjaw movement.


The Okeia’s simple design may not be for everyone – the overall expression and style is on the neutral side. The static ears and tail appear to lack slightly in detail compared to the intricacies of the feet and horns. The optional horns do not attach to the head – and instead are worn on the default right hand. However, this is can be fixed by right clicking and attaching them to the chin/nose with minor adjustments.



Since the Okeia uses the standard LL body, most standard (and some mesh) clothing will fit. The simple, rounded shape of the head also allows for the addition of sculpted/prim-based hair if desired – rigged components may require additional modification.

Kelkith Kiezelstein is willing to link purchasers to the Okeia texture files as resources – modding is encouraged on this avatar.


*Additional note from Srs Corp regarding texture modification:

“As I have made the PSD’s freely available via download, you as the purchaser of any Okeia avatar have the right to create derivative works based upon the textures I have provided. However, please keep the following in mind when creating mods for the Okiea. As stated here, you may not resell or distribute avatar skins made with the Okeia skin PSDs unless they are part of an Okeia mod kit. This means that you may not resell just the skin itself, or ONLY use the avatar skin as part of your mod kit. If you are selling an Okeia mod kit, it MUST include retextures for more than one of the mesh attachment components.”

Jian is a collector, tinkerer and general lurker with a healthy enthusiasm for avatars and interesting modifications. :>