PsiCorp Fox

PsiCorp has made its name selling male and female genitilia in Second Life up until now. In a SLARF first, we cover their fox avatar; their second commercially available avatar after the PsiCorp Dragon. As foxes remain a popular species of furry avatars, we’ll take a look at what sets this one apart from the other contenders in the market.

Out of the Box:

  • A wide range of facial expressions (Angry, Eyebrow Arch, Snarl, Manic, etc.)
  • Both genders
    • Skin, Hair, Shapes
    • Two premade, tintable and retexturable hairstyles
  • Tongue In/Out
  • Muzzle-Talking Function
  • Twitchable Ears
  • Tail Options
  • Hand emotes, custom emotes are possible
  • Lifetime free updates and customer support
Measurement Value
Script Time (With HUD) ~0.2
Script Time (without HUD) ~0.15
Avatar Rendering Cost (Scale Here) ~1500 (Depends on Hair)
Modify? Yes
Copy? Yes
Transferable? No

Build and Skin:

The build quality of this avatar’s sculpts are acceptably well done. All of the sculpts are smooth and contoured, with little creasing anywhere on the body. As an entirety, all of the attachments have a fluid, organic look that meshes well with the avatar shape. On the other hand, however, the textures leave something slightly to be desired. Users can see that the creator put a lot of emphasis and thought into giving the avatar a realistic fur finish. This goal is met partway, however. The textured fur imitates real fur fairly well from a distance, but an issue is that when a camera is near the avatar, the fur begins to look more like a metal scrub sponge or tree bark. The textures could have benefited from a little softening so as to look less sharp and rough. Additionally, the division between the secondary-colour chestfur (e.g. cream) and the rest of the fur is somewhat sharp an un-organic compared to the rest of the avatar’s style. On the other hand, the shading over the skin gives the body more definition; especially on the rump where there is a great deal of detail which gave it shape.

The avatar comes with both male and female varieties of skin. Males receive a skin with more defined abs, while females receive a much more defined set of breasts. If one looks closely at the chest for males, the slightest hint of nipples is visible. This isn’t enough to cause a problem for most users, but some others may be wary. This will be one of the few avatars we’ve reviewed that places nipples under the fur but keeps them fully covered with fur.

Now, on to the attachments. The feet are the usual 4-toed paw, but with an extra noticeable dew-claw on this avatar. In reference to the claws specifically, they are surrounded on each side by a single prim which one would assume is supposed to be a clump of hair. These look too much like the actual claw, unfortunately. The shape of the front of the paw is adequate, but the back and outer edge of the foot sometimes looks off, depending on the angle. The accompanying digitigrade legs do their job well, a thin leg with a pronounced bend before intersecting with the shape kneecap.

The hands are a cross between a human hand and paw, with 5 padded hand-digits. The shaping of each of the digits was well done, and each of the hand poses are believable and relaxed. Users can choose from finger positions such as fists, pointing, and even ‘Rock’, ‘Paper’, and ‘Scissors’ to name a few. The size of the hands was also equally well done, smoothly merging with the shape arm.

Next is the tail. This avatar comes with only a flexible tail, but it is textured in the exact same manner of the body’s textures, which means it’ll be bushy and brushy. As one comes to expect on foxes, the tail is tipped with the secondary colour (e.g. Cream). Users can adjust which position they wish the tail to be in.

Finally, the head. Immediately noticeable is the eyes. By default, the eyes are set in a sly, relaxed state, with slightly glowing eyeballs with attractive textures. Users are able to change the colour of the iris to a number of pre-defined textures. They may also adjust the amount of glow in the eyes. The next area of the head that stands out is that of the muzzle. While fairly long, combined with the textures, the muzzle sets itself as being distinctly vulpine. The shape was well thought out, tapering from the wide base to a thin, boxy end. Lining the sides are some dark whiskers as you can also see above the eyes. The fox-mark that identifies the vulpine species also stands out here. We give some recognition to the front of the muzzle for a well-made and textured nose.

The interior of the muzzle was also well thought out; hollowed out with a lot of space and ample texturing. The tongue sculpts are smooth and organic, their aesthetic value held back only by a slightly grainy tongue texture. The teeth in the muzzle are simple and large, but despite being textured a fairly pristine white, they do a great job of showing off a canine appearance in their teeth.

On the top of the avatar, the ears stand erect. The shape is invariably vulpine in appearance, smooth and concave, with a good amount of semi-transparent fluff on the inside of the ears to provide definition. These can twitch on their own and/or move into different positions. Below the ears are the cheek-ruffs of course, which have been done in a way we haven’t seen on SLARF. Using a sculpt and semi-transparent textures, the cheekfluff has a tapered, organic shape to it. This works extremely well, but a downside is that the effect disappears when you look at the head from specific angles (See Picture on Right).

The avatar comes with both male and female hairs. While constructed well, and the colours were matched to the avatars they accompanied, the textures still looked a bit too grainy and rough to be representative of hair. Users are able to recolour their hair through using text commands which will change the hair textures.

Features and Heads-Up Display (HUD):

Psicorp has made all of the avatar’s functions controllable through utilisation of the HUD. Users can also use text commands. All information about the avatar’s usage and controls have been made available here on PsiCorp’s website:

Here is a quick breakdown:

  • The Face Menu (Tongue, Eyelid, Jaw, Ear-tilt, Facial Expressions, Facial Expression Hotkeys)
  • The Hands & Tail Menu (Individual Hand Selection, Hand emotes (i.e. ¬†Tail Up/Down, Tailwag On/Off)
  • The Settings Menu (Eye/Hair Colour and Textures, HUD on left or Right of Screen Toggle, Ear Movement Toggle, Eye Fullbright Toggle, Talking Jaw Function Toggle)

The Facial expression hotkeys allow people to access up to 4 different expressions instantly instead of having to cycle through them all. These expressions are some of the most powerful parts of this avatar. Each of the pre-made facial expressions and the combinations that users create themselves are all distinct and full of vitality. Some examples are featured in the picture above.


This avatar is easy to customise due to its permissions being mod and copy. The headshape is a little bit rounded compared to the shape head, but it is sized well enough that users should be able to get third party hairs on without very much difficulty.DxD


The PsiCorp fox is an interesting rendition of a popular furry avatar species. Despite some of the shortcomings evident in the textures, the avatar manages to have character and a well-thought design. For the head, the eye shapes and the expressive muzzle give this avatar a unique appearance. We look forward to watching PsiCorp continually exercise their skills in avatar creation and refining their style in their future avatars.

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