Pound Lunt – Lizard Avatar

For the past few years, Pound Lunt has focused on modkits and avatar accessories, and recently returned to full avatars with this Marketplace exclusive. Let’s take a look at this unique reptilian avatar.

 Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
    • Muzzle Talking Function
    • Multiple Head Styles
    • Flicking Tongue
    • Animated/Static Tail Choices
    • HUD control
    • Bloody Gloves or Tattoo Layer
  • ✓ Modifiable
  • ✓ Copy
  • ✗ NOT Transfer
  • Script Usage With HUD:
    • 320 KiloBytes, (14 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD:
    • 256 KiloBytes, (13 Scripts)
  • Avatar Render Weight:
    • 50683



Overall Impressions

PLLizard360We’ll start with the textures. This avatar is covered in large scales, which have been painted and matched up evenly and succinctly from head to toe. One of the traits that stand out in terms of textures is the glossy sheen that’s been applied to the body and its attachments, giving the scales a glistening look all around. Users will also appreciate the plethora of colours and tones that are available for this make-believe lizard.

PLLizardHead360With regard to build quality, this avatar is mostly, if not all made from sculpts, instead of mesh. Despite mesh becoming the new norm in many an avatar maker’s mind, this avatar meets an acceptable quality level with well-made textures to soften the creases between prims. What’s more, the sculpts are smooth, and the edges are clean.

PLLizardHHeadOptionsAltogether, good work has been done to make the avatar appear as a complete package. An example of this lies in the inclusion of a tail for either the male or the female body shape. This ensures that regardless of shape chosen, the large scales on the top side of the tail will always match up with those on the back. In general, the avatar gives off a mixture of draconic and generic reptilian look, blending elements of each with a bit of a young whelp’s appearance mixed in. Users are given a bit of wiggle room to make this avatar more or less dragon-like or lizard-like as they wish.



PLLizardHUDThis avatar offers fairly bare-bone features, while focusing more on the presentation. As mentioned before, Pound’s Lizard manages to come together with a clean, unified look, and plenty of colours to choose from. In terms of avatar features, it comes with the basic set of options that you’ve come to expect from most of your avatars, and a very crisp way of controlling them. The HUD is split into two pieces, one which focuses on the head as a whole, while the other focuses on eye colour and eyebrow state.



With regards to weaknesses, the avatar has relatively few, as it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles which might cause glitches. Overall, the avatar is put together well, though some might feel that the head is a smidge too small for the shape and height for which the avatar stands. Additionally, for those who might purchase the avatar, be mindful that the fins on the upper arm and the head are semi-transparent, so when standing next to another semi-transparent object, there may be a bit of texture conflict.


Unique Features

In terms of unique features, this avatar allows users the option to choose which headfins that they would like to have shown on the avatar. The end result is that the wearer of the avatar has a little bit of customisation straight out of the box, without having to go into Build mode.

Additionally, the avatar comes with some ‘extras,’ which, in this case, means a couple of extra alpha layers, and a tattoo layer that makes the wear look as if they’ve gone for a pleasant soiree in a butcher shop. For extra effect, wearers can turn on the ‘blood’ on the face as well through the HUD, to complete the look. (Click here for photograph).



To conclude, this avatar adds another reptile to the small pool of scalies within Second Life. While it might not necessarily fall into the category of a dragon or lizard specifically, it leaves enough room to be modded into either type of form.


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