Orange Nova – Skadi Sergal

Orange Nova adds to it’s ever extending family of rigged mesh avatars with the inclusion of the Sergal – a conceptual creature by Mick39 ( We will take a closer look at ONA’s take on the species, and the visual result of materials used in conjunction with the rigged mesh.

 Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
  • Fully Rigged Mesh Avatar
  • Rigged Muzzle Talking Function
  • Assymetrical Eye and Jaw Settings
  • Eye Colour/Pupil Dilation Settings
  • Finger Positions
  • Toggleable Mane
  • Breast Size/Nipple Options
  • PG/Mature Versions (re: Breasts)
  • Small and Large Avatar Versions
  • Static and Animated Multispeed/Position Mesh Tail
  • Smooth and Ribbed Tongue Option
  • Extras Box, containing unrigged bodyparts such as the head, hands, tail, and a partial wearable alpha layer
  • ✓ Modifiable
  • ✓ Copiable
  • ✗ NOT Transferable
  • Script Usage With HUD:
    •  320 KiloBytes, (5 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD:
    • 256 KiloBytes, (4 Scripts)
  • Avatar Render Weight:
    • 7864



ONASkadiSergalHUDOverall, ONA has presented their own spin on the sergal in an effective way, The creator has rigged the animated jaw to to the full body of the Sergal. This removes creases that arise from separate attachments, and is a trend seen throughout the rest of the avatar. In all the Sergal is well implemented, with a respectful resemblance to the original design, opting for a slightly curvier shape which is true to Orange Nova’s own avatar style. Two sizes are also offered, where the Sergal runs on a ‘large’ or ‘small’ skeleton. Both genders are brought into one avatar shape, where females are determined simply by the addition of breasts, which are toggleable in the HUD.



ONASergalFacesThe Skadi Sergal demonstrates solid texturing – this choice is sympathetic to the original illustrations. The avatar also makes use of ONA’s feature of segmented avatar masking within it’s fully comprehensive HUD – allowing users to hide parts of the body for the purpose of adding clothing. The user is given a static and animated mesh tail. The latter is a welcome feature, and a successful attempt at a smoothly animated mesh item that does not rely on numerous invisible tails, but is instead partially rigged to the pelvis and stomach attachment points. The ability to alter aspects of the face asymmetrically is also a plus – as it gives the user a lot of room to play around with expressions and create something with a little more character.


ONASergalBodyOptionsIt’s worth noting that the materials used for this rigged mesh include the ‘fluff’ of the abdomen, legs, ears, tail and mane. At some angles, this pixel-width fluff can be slightly jarring. The animated tail, as previously mentioned makes use of the stomach and pelvis attach points, so ONA advises against wearing attachments on these sections, as they will sway along with the tail. While clothing and armour is confirmed to be in the pipeline – currently, there are no rigged clothing items designed with the full mesh Skadi Sergal in mind. However, the Extras folder contains several unrigged Sergal body parts – these are an interesting addition, that with some fairly dedicated modification can result in a more ‘traditional’ partial avatar, with mesh components resting on the default SL mesh body. This would theoretically allow for standard SL clothing to be worn if desired -granted, a skin is not provided for this.




The provision of textures with this avatar package opens the gates to those who want to try their hand at modifying their own skins, and gives users another viable choice when it comes to this particular original species.

N.B: ONA offers .PSDs of the Sergal for modders here:

NOTE: The Skadi Sergal avatar uses recently implemented code from LL, users may not see the avatar correctly unless they use recently updated viewers. We recommend that potential buyers view the avatar in-world before purchasing it.

Jian is a collector, tinkerer and general lurker with a healthy enthusiasm for avatars and interesting modifications. :>

  • Kovács Eszter

    Anyone know good or lovely clothes for this avatar?

  • Xavier

    I was very excited for the release of this avatar, but found myself very disappointed. The fact that you can only see it the way it’s intended is if your computer can handle basic shaders is a huge issue. I don’t want to walk around and have people seeing an avatar I spent quite a bit of linden on as incomplete. Not to mention I thought the rigged tail animation was a little unnecessary save for the smooth animation, since it breaks your shape pretty horribly afterward.

    There are minor issues I had with it, such as the stance being extremely broad, having troubles finding AOs that didn’t make it look strange, and the eyes being “walleyed” for lack of better term… But overall, expecting people to have a high end computer to see an avatar correct is the breaking point for me. Not worth the linden to look broken on someone else’s computer.

    • Epicgordon Broome

      Any mid-end computer made in the last ten years can run basic shaders. They are called “Basic” for a reason, enabling features that have been standard in games since 2003.

    • Xavier

      It’s a pretty nasty assumption to think that every computer that runs SL can run basic shaders. I meet a handful of people in any area I visit that can’t, and an even greater number that can but their computers choke too much running it all the time. That’s my reasoning for not putting that much money into an avatar that looks broken to others. Sorry, but not catering to a broader scale in terms of hardware is a really bad move. It’d be great to hope that everyone could run it, but they can’t. Period.

    • Neoraptor

      You can run basic shaders with a £30 ($50?) energy-saving low end graphics card. Seriously, complaining about it not working with basic shaders is akin to complaining that the kettle you bought requires electricity.

  • Evil Foresight

    The avatar while nice is lacking a lot of features versus it’s competitor, the painted sergal. It doesn’t have all that many tongue poses, only the selection between a smooth tongue or ribbed tongue, the ears cannot be controlled, the tail always moves, there isn’t any option to have it just turn off in the hud. (I know it comes with a mesh that has a static tail.), but it would of been a nice feature. The head is small, the shoulders are too wide, the legs look strange and too thin for what it is. It’s back doesn’t look natural, too curved. This is my critique.

  • Heatseaker2

    Something as Awesome as this would explode on Skyrim Nexus! On the other hand, It might crash the system with the demand of downloads.
    Great avatar model, stellar job!