Orange Nova Luddi Lamb

Given the rarity of sheep and goat avatars in Second Life, Orange Nova’s Luddi Lamb is a refreshing addition to the world of rigged mesh anthropomorphic avatars. The avatar has a cartoony, satyr-like appearance and plenty of customization options, making it a great choice for anyone who has been waiting for a cute sheep avatar to finally show up on the marketplace.


Avatar Features Technical Information
  • Rigged mesh avatar
  • Individual male & female torsos
  • Individual male & female hairstyles
  • Two horn options
  • Type/speech responsive jaw
  • Untextured plantigrade legs for modding
  • Unrigged head for modding

Rigged clothing including:

  • Male Top
  • Female Top
  • Unisex Underwear
  • Mod YES, Copy YES, Transfer NO
  • Script Usage With HUD: 705 KiloBytes, (11 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD: 640 KiloBytes, (10 Scripts)
  • Avatar Rendering Weight: 22698



Overall Impressions

ONLambFacesThe first thing you notice about the Orange Nova Luddi Lamb is its box, prior to unpacking: a small, wooden goat (otherwise referred to as “The Trojan Goat” in the readme.) This playful introduction to the lamb sets the tone for the avatar, which is a fully rigged mesh lamb. Appearance-wise, the lamb is toony, with wide eyes and smooth, crisp textures. Due to its stylized nature, it does not feature any sort of adult or mature skin, although the avatar does come with both female and male variations. Each piece of the body (torso, legs, hands/head, horns, eyes, ears, and tail) attaches individually with perfectly connecting textures. The HUD for the avatar is filled with features, allowing you to control everything from the eyes and face to the finger positions, which can all be moved independently. The lamb also comes with several options including two horn variations and wooly/curly fur for its legs and forearms. The male and female avatars come with their own sculpted tops and hair, but share underwear. The lamb is also ripe for modding, with textures and .PSDs available on the Orange Nova website as well as an unrigged head, separate hands, and untextured plantigrade legs.



ONLamb360Despite being a rigged mesh avatar, which may feel constraining to some users, the lamb offers plenty of out-of-the-box customization. All of the mesh body parts are tintable and editable, meaning users can choose virtually any color or texture for their lamb. Furthermore, the avatar’s shape can be changed using several of (but not all of) the shape sliders in SL. Although the lamb largely retains its wide-hipped pear shape, it can easily be made to look quite different from the freshly unpacked version. The UI for the avatar offers even further customization, allowing users to change the lamb’s facial expression, eye color, and a number of other features. When editing the eyes specifically, there are 5 areas to be managed. Each area (eye-white, iris, pupil, iris2, and “spec,” or the light reflection on the eye) has several optional textures and can be made any color the user desires. The UI also features a helpful “toggle symmetry” button, which allows users to edit both eyes/fingers/ears together or separately.

ONLambHead360For users aching for a little more customization, the lamb’s .PSD file at the Orange Nova website, here: The file contains the completely shaded textures for the avatar, which will save many modders plenty of time and allow almost anyone to add custom markings or designs to their lamb.



The Luddi Lamb only comes with three pieces of clothing by default: a male top, a female top, and unisex panties. The textures for these clothing pieces are not currently included with the lamb .PSDs, so owners wanting to customize the clothing will need to create their own textures for the customization of these items. Although the lamb doesn’t necessarily need clothing due to its cartoony nature, some users may be bothered by the lack of clothing options for the avatar. Those wanting to use the wooly legs will find themselves even more at a loss, as the unisex panties do not properly fit the optional wooly legs. While not necessarily a weakness, it’s also important for users to note that some AOs may conflict with the unique shape of the avatar–namely, animations which cross the hands over or near the front of the body will cut directly into the chest and stomach of the avatar.


Unique Features

ONLambBodyTypeONLambClothesWhile the Luddi Lamb is advertised as a sheep it can also easily be made to pass for a stylized/satyr-like goat or ram using the smooth body options and horn variations. The ability of users to directly edit the default markings and textures in Photoshop makes this possibility even more accessible. The avatar steps up readily to take on the challenge of customizing a full-mesh avatar, offering the user plenty of extra options to make the lamb look exactly as they please and even including moddable plantigrade legs for users looking for a slightly less cartoony figure.



The Luddi Lamb aims to be a cute, stylized mesh avatar, which it accomplishes extremely well. Anthropomorphic sheep are few and far between in Second Life, with many of them existing only in highly modded versions of other species, so the addition of Orange Nova’s lamb to Second Life is both exciting and welcome.


Kyrin Softwind is a collector of avatars and shiny things alike! When she's not drawing or working on a new photo edit, you can usually find her out shopping for new mods and clothing.