Orange Nova – Bifrost Bunny

Orange Nova brings us another example of what can be achieved using fully rigged mesh. Catering to the lapine fans this time, we take a look at the Bifrost Bunny.

 Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
    • Toggleable bodypart masking via HUD
    • Animated poseable ears
    • Alternative rigged ears
    • Adjustable eyelid states with blink speed setting
    • Adjustable jaw states with mouth expression setting
    • Poseable fingers
    • Recolourable eyes with options for white/iris/iris2/pupil/spec
    • Breast size slider
    • Optional genitals (Male and Female)
    • Plantigrade and Digitigrade bodies offered in both male and female shapes
  • ✓ Modifiable
  • ✓ Copy
  • ✗ NOT Transfer
  • Script Usage With HUD:
    • 320 KiloBytes, (14 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD:
    • 256 KiloBytes, (13 Scripts)
  • Avatar Render Weight:
    • ~15465

Overall Impressions

ONABunny360Right out of the box, the avatar holds itself up to the standard we have come to expect from Orange Nova. The modelling is rounded yet crisp in it’s details, with smooth transitions between limbs and nuances of shape to indicate the presence of claws and tonsils. More intricate details that are otherwise animated, such as the eyes, tail and ears, are produced and added as separate attachments. The texturing goes hand in hand with the overall build quality, and demonstrates a somewhat toony, styalised approach to the concept of an anthropomorphic rabbit.


ONABunnyHead360The rabbits come with more ‘conventional’ male and female body shapes (complete with rigged genitalia Mature Link here), allowing for the wearing of rigged mesh clothing (with the additional assitance of a new masking feature, present in the HUD). This also potentially benefits wearers of sculpted and non-rigged mesh clothing.

Users opting to use the female avatar also have the benefit of optional breast sizes, with the choice of large, small or flat-chested. The chest itself, while shaped anatomically, is not textured as such. Users wishing for a more adult appearance of these bodyparts may wish to utilise modkits, or make their own modifications to their skins, which are provided in the form of texture bundles on the Orange Nova website. (Found at

ONABunnyHUDUsers have access to a wide range of toggleable expressions/eye colours/hand and ear poses that are found in the HUD, paired with pleasantly animated facial features that give the avatar a smooth, resolved feeling.


While this may not be a ‘true’ weakness, the level of detail present in the head and hands of the avatar do not appear to totally fall in line with the feet, which are more rounded in contrast. Arguably, this is in keeping with the avatar’s species, which does not have particularly pronounced toes due to being covered in fur most of the time.

This may vary from viewer to viewer, but there exists the minor inconvenience of needing to log out and back in again after swapping back out of this avatar, due to the deformation required to fit the eyes into this specific mesh.

The Bifrost Bunny does not come with mesh clothing like it’s predecessors – the reason for this is that theoretically, users can use their own mesh clothing and make use of the aforementioned masking feature. The only real downside to this is that not all users own rigged mesh clothing, and not all rigged mesh clothing will be a perfect fit. It’s recommended that users still utilise demo versions of mesh clothing.

Unique Features

The Bifrost Bunny offers it’s very own masking feature in the HUD. Previously, users would have to have selected the separate faces by hand and toggle the transparency values in the build menu. Orange Nova have constructed the rabbits in such a way that the faces are spaces along key parts of the body, covering several sections of the arms, torso, and legs. The purpose of this feature is to allow the user to hide parts of the body that would otherwise be visible through mesh clothing, in the same way a user would wear different alpha textures to cover the standard SL mesh body.


I have already seen many modders and makers offering modkits for these avatars. Their solid base and excellent details have geared up the world of rigged mesh avatars, particularly then it comes to anthropomorphic creatures. The avatar is versatile, and forgiving in shape, allowing people to make the switch to a rigged body without losing out on the ability to customise their overall look.

One quick additional note to say however, is that due to the rigged nature of the avatar head, users are advised against using rigged hair for this avatar, as it cannot be accurately resized.

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