Kinzart Kreetures – Rift Dragons

Initially released as hidden prizes as part of the Twisted Hunt  – KzK have re-textured and re-released their Rift Dragon avatars for sale. A combination of unrigged mesh and base avatar, these lithe reptilian creatures add to the large collection of dragon avatars available from Kinzart Kreetures.

 Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
  • Unrigged Mesh Avatar
  • Adult female tattoo layers
  • Alternate Male/Female shapes
  • Animated talking jaw
  • Flight-detecting curling feet
  • HUD for colour, brightness, glow, jaw positions, pupil dilation and hand/finger positions
  • Modifiable
  • Copiable
  • Transferable

Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC)

    • ~107661
    • Variable with glow settings

Script Count and Memory Usage

  • With HUD:
    • 918 KiloBytes, (28 Scripts)
  • Without HUD:
    • 710 KiloBytes, (24 Scripts)

Overall Impressions

The Rift Dragons are a tall, narrow bipedal avatar which follow a more unique style than what has been seen in Kinzart’s previous dragons, adorned in brightly decorated fin-like attachments with glowing details. They appear to have quite original characteristics, in contrast to KzK’s dragon collection which had otherwise used mythology as a basis for initial designs present in the Eastern and Western dragons.

Strengths and Weaknesses

KZKRiftDragonHead360The HUD contains an exhaustive list of toggle-able elements for the avatar in regards to pupil dilation, jaw rotation, colour, brightness and glow. This easily allows the user some freedom with appearance straight out of the box. The array of diverse colours available for the skins are striking from the start. As usual, the HUD is also clearly laid out and relatively simple to use.

KZKRiftDragon360Whilst the rift dragons are very well executed in terms of style and colour coordination, minor modifications in the HUD will do little to change the overall feel and style of each particular variant of this avatar. The unusual, almost aquatic style of texturing instantly draws attention, particularly in the brighter colour varieties. This is by no means an outright negative point, and is an expected result when an avatar is given a definite style using very specific palettes and patterns. What can be altered is likely to be useful in terms of expression, with a selection of options for individual finger and hand positions and eyelid settings.

 Unique Features

The Rift Dragons have a different method for supporting a long neck. In previous builds such as the Western dragon, the neck portion and the head were all one attachment. This dragon’s neck is an attachment which attaches (logically) to the ‘neck’ attachment point. This, coupled with the head attachment as a separate attachment on the head, makes for a more fluid and natural looking movement when the avatar is looking around or posed. It’s my understanding that some third party viewers do not have support for the ‘neck’ attachment point, in which case they may have issues in viewing the neck position correctly. The best way to fix this issue is to either update your viewer, or find a way to link the head and neck with some careful modding.

A recurring theme with newer KzK avatars is now to include two tattoo layer sets for female mature skins, a ‘dark’ set, and a white ‘tintable’ set. Not having these aspects baked into the skin are a plus, as it allows users to utilise these tattoo layers on other avatars if they wish.

With some determination and a little tweaking of the base avatar shape and attachments, fitting both prim and mesh hair is possible, but not advisable to attempt without first making a copy of the original avatar.

It’s worth mentioning that the UV unwrap image for the rift dragon head is available at the mainstore for users to download, should users wish to modify and redecorate their own avatars.


This avatar may fit into a somewhat niche area of reptiles/fantasy creatures. What is presented is resolved and clean – all of the attachments are harmonised through the way they’re built, and the wide array of texture  and colour combinations offered are easily appealing to people wishing to stand out.

It is my understanding that Kinzart Kreetures will continue to dabble in unrigged mesh in order to preserve a better level of ease in terms of modding and retexturing. I for one welcome this idea, as it means a higher level of detail can be achieved in peices, whilst still being able to ‘mix and match’ avatar parts to the users content.

Jian is a collector, tinkerer and general lurker with a healthy enthusiasm for avatars and interesting modifications. :>