Kinzart Kreetures Fox (V4)

KZK comes to the market with their new fox avatar, rebuilding the old fox from the ground up. Let’s take a look at how this new fox fares after its previous incarnations.

Features Specifications
  • Partial Mesh Avatar
    • Unrigged Legs
  • Male and Female shapes
  • Tintable and Dark options for adult tattoo layers
  • Flexible tail
  • Facial expressions
  • Jaw, Eye and Ear positions
  • Moveable Finger positions
  • Tri-tone, Tintable Eyes
  • Tintable Tawpads, Mouth, Claws and Nose
  • Voice Gestures
  • Alpha layers
  • Automatic Update Controller (AUC) System
  • Mod YES, Copy YES, Transfer NO
  • Script Usage With HUD: 833 KiloBytes, (23 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD: 625 KiloBytes, (19 Scripts)
  • Avatar Rendering Weight: 87691

Overall Impressions

KZKFox360Right out of the box, the detail in the KzK fox is evident.The non-rigged mesh parts fit together with minimal seams, and the texture work features detailed shading and blending across the whole body.  The hand paws have a variety of toggle-able poses, as seen in their previous avatars. The hand paws are narrower than those seen in the previous rendition, and posses longer fingers favoring more of a human shape. This lasts up until the fingertips – where it changes to the more obvious paw shape to accommodate the paw pads and claws.


The feet are similarly smaller than before, being more proportional to real life foxes. The head is unmistakably fox-like, with a smooth slope to the brow and wide cheeks accented with semi-transparent fur texturing. The ears also fall into a similar style, reflecting the real world species.

The avatar also comes with optional dark mature tattoo layers for female avatars in a default skin, and an alternate version in a greyscale tintable layer. The HUD is the same format of the more recent avatars from this maker, and is easy to navigate and control. The HUD can be utilized to alter the brow, eye, muzzle expressions and tongue positions. A secondary page is also available to alter the tint, brightness and glow of the claws, paw pads, tongue and nose.


KZKFoxHUDThough for the most part the avatar fits together well, there is a slight crease between the knee and adjoining mesh leg. This is consistent with other KzK avatars and many other makers, so it not a unique issue. Despite this minor point, it is not as noticeable as it has been in previous avatars. At a distance, the textures in the tail may initially appear jagged and unfocused, appearing as though it has not completely loaded due to it’s highly intricate detailing. Upon closer inspection however, the tail becomes much clearer.

KZKFoxFacesThe fox avatar does not come with default hair, but has been made in such a way that it is detailed enough to wear as a standalone attachment. In light of this, and in comparison to it’s predecessor, it may seem as though the cheeks for this avatar are on the wide side (due in part to the appearance of it’s real world species). Because of this, when adding hair or hats to fit upon the head, the cheeks may clip through without modification to the size of these extra attachments.


KzK have succeeded in creating an avatar that closely mirrors it’s real world counterpart.  The HUD is user friendly and straightforward. Overall the avatar is well executed, and expressive, merging a respectable amount of realism into an anthropomorphic being.

Pavatti is a long time Second Life user who's seen the transformation from prim to sculpt to mesh close up. He's a digital artist that's shy, but friendly, so if you see this purple Fennec (or whatever he chooses to be) around don't be afraid to say hello!