Kinzart Kreetures Alligators and Crocodiles

Kinzart have revamped and updated what was once a custom avatar for a resident on the grid to bring us a solid, detailed interpretation of the world’s largest living reptiles; aligators and crocodiles.

Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
  • Male and Female shapes
  • Male and Female PG/Mature skins
  • Alternative Crocodile head
  • Jaw settings
  • Eye colour and state settings
  • Hand positions
  • Optional digitigrade legs with appropriate alpha layers
  • Avatar deformer
  • Modifiable
  • Copiable
  • Transferable
  • Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC)
  • ~556
  • Script Count
  • 10 scripts utilising 0.419 MB of memory



Build and Skin:

The alligator comes with male and female PG/Mature skins. The overall standard to which the skin has been executed leaves little to ask for. The scales are individually shaded and spread evenly across the body in Kinzart’s signature painterly style. The only area of mild distraction is the sudden change in scale size when transitioning from the stomach to the lower abdomen. This is not a jarring seam however, and in the grand scheme of things is not a deal-killer in the slightest. The textured sculpts meet the same high standard, Every layer of colour and shade is not without purpose, and produce a crisp, effective result. The prims aren’t entirely seamlessly textured, but the overall colour palette aids the blending process very well. The provided shapes for this avatar are on the bulky side, reflecting the real world species. If this isn’t to the wearer’s taste, this is easily altered through a few quick tweaks in ‘edit appearance’.

Despite the dazzle bat being the ‘final’ sculpted prim avatar from KzK, this avatar pre-dates it somewhat. For this reason, the alligator is also a sculpted-prim based avatar (save for the alligator teeth, which are torii prims). There are no instances of wrinkling or asymmetry, each sculpted prim is sharp and rounded in all the right places, with a high amount of detail in shape on the tail in particular. The avatar is comprised entirely of sculpted prims that compliment the basic human SL mesh. Each peice fits together well, with the extremely accurate layout of the teeth being a notable example of this.


Starting with the feet, we can see that the creator has kept the design as similar to the original species as possible, four long toes tipped with claws are linked to the simple, and slightly rounded foot.  The feet themselves have been sculpted in such a way that they can be worn to compliment the basic human SL mesh, or be worn in conjuction with the provided digitigrade legs. These additional leg attachments are similar to those found in older KzK avatars, but with a thicker base to fit in better with the ‘built’ appearance of the alligator. Due to the highly complex and detail texture work on the prims and skin, it’s always going to be difficult to achieve a seamless result, so the transition from the attachment to the base shape leg isn’t perfect, but it still isn’t particularly jarring or unpleasant.

The hands retain the same level of detail at first glance, but hold a literal handful of options when delving into the HUD. Each finger and thumb has three separate possible poses, being straight, relaxed or curled. If that amount of choice is a little overwhelming, there is a group of presets available for specific hand poses, such as a closed fist, pointing or relaxed. The full list is shown in the HUD options.

The tail consists of one large sculpted prim. The level of detail in the texture keeps the same high standard that is present in the rest of the avatar, and the sculpted shape is sharp, accurate, and very aesthetically pleasing.


Alligator Head:

The Alligator head is wide with a long face and rounded nose area. This head is the wider of the two. The teeth are made using a set of torii prims, shaped to give a slightly rounded point. Their layout is accurate, and the inside of the mouth is also pleasantly textured. On this occassion, the tongue is part of the jaw sculpt, so blends easily with the rest of the mouth.

Crocodile Head:

The crocodile head has a comparitively narrower muzzle with a concave curve up towards the nostrils. The teeth are much longer and jut out further from the gums than the alligator with the same species-specific accuracy. The ‘spine’ spikes in the neck are also much more pronounced with a slightly paler tinge to the textures (at least with the ‘green’ variety). The full set of teeth are made using individual sculpted prims, and mirror the same level of accuracy in placing as the alligator.

Both heads are mounted on a large, sculpted neck prim which is positioned via use of an avatar deformer. The neck portion is linked to the head as opposed to the ‘neck’ slot, meaning that any animation that tilts the head takes the entire neck portion with it. Occassionally, there are instances where the default SL face pokes through the neck. Granted, this only appears to occur when the neck is at an extreme upper angle, like when the avatar is flying, or looking up. This issue is remedied by using an alpha texture that covers all aspects of the default human head and face along with the hands and lower legs.

Since the eyes are not at the same level as the default human shape, they are linked into the main portion of the head, surrounded by pair of animated sculpted eyelids. The eyes are recolourable through the HUD, as we have come to expect. The iris has two areas that can be coloured, for wearers to be easily able to produce a two toned effect. The eyes can also be set to a variety of opening levels to represent ‘calm’, ‘tired’ or a ‘squinted’ expression, or closing entirely.  The controls also offer the ability to toggle the pupil dilation, and glow settings for both eyes.

Features and Heads-Up Display (HUD):

The HUD is very straightforward, and utilises the same layout and most of the same features as previous KzK releases. There are three pages for tweaking the eyes, jaw and fingers, all with easy to use buttons and sliders.


The avatar is modifiable, and to this end it means that any tweaks or modifications that the wearer wants to make to this reptile is relatively straightforward. The shape of the head is accurate to the species, so much so that anyone wishing to add hair to their avatar may have a substantial amount of difficulty. There may also be some issue in wearing clothing with pieces that surround the neck due to its sheer size and placement. Despite this, there’s nothing to stop someone from linking neck-based peices to the head attachment to solve collar-related issues for example.


Crocodiles and Alligators have been a relatively untouched species as a subject for anthro avatar makers. This type of avatar cleaarly fills a niche, and in my opinion fills it very well, particularly if you are looking for an avatar the holds the nuances of its original species with few details spared. The complex style in both the shaping and texturing is effective, and is well suited to those who are more geared towards avatars that show realism and accuracy.

Jian is a collector, tinkerer and general lurker with a healthy enthusiasm for avatars and interesting modifications. :>