Kahoots – Painted Dog

Kahoots brings us their newest addition to the pool of canine avatars with the Painted Dog – a species native to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
  • Talkjaw with jaw and tongue states
  • Eyelid states with pupil dilation
  • Toggleable static mesh and flexible prim tail options e.g wag, curled
  • Recolour toggles for iris (two layers), inner ear, ear fluff, tongue, mouth, nose, pawpads. claws
  • Ear positions with typetalk toggle
  • Rigged digitigrade legs with “cut” leg option for clothing
  • Unisex hair
  • Male/Female shape and PG skins
  • Alpha layer
  • ✓ Modify
  • ✓ Copy
  • ✗ NOT Transferable
  • Script Usage With HUD:
    •  1 MegaByte, (20 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD:
    • 656 KiloBytes, (11 Scripts)
  • Avatar Render Weight:
    • 37000


KahootsPDog360With it’s large ears and characteristic fur pattern, Kahoots make an effective take on the Painted Dog. The canid is in keeping with Kahoots’ own slightly toony style, with expressive eyes and a very resolved feel. This avatar uses a combination of rigged and unrigged mesh on the standard LL body. The flexible tail is comprised of flexible cone prims, whereas the static mesh tail (with a clockface of position options) follows the more recent trend of a solid mesh piece forming the ‘bulk’ of the tail, with a set of pixel thick semi transparent ‘tufts’ to form the furred underside. A similar method is used to achieve the fur on the cheeks and inner ears.




The skins and textures are immediately striking and sympathetic to the real-world species. The skin appears to be seamless in it’s painterly style, and the transitions from LL mesh to attachments are well executed. Subtle details such as the fur on the ear tips and general shading help to set the tone for the rest of the avatar.

KahootsPDogTailsKahootsPDogFurandFacesKahoots have provided ‘cut’ versions of the digitigrade legs to allow for the use of clothing which would otherwise clip/overlap with the ‘full’ legs.

The HUD is fairly intuitive and user friendly thanks to it’s bold style and simple layout with a generous use of symbols and icons to denote specific features. The level of customisation offered through the HUD is pleasant, and a good means to customise the Painted Dog right out of the box with very little effort. The HUD also contains a version of the Painted Dog’s head to reflect changes made to the mouth, nose, eyes and ears.

Facial colour exaples. Click to view gif.

Facial Colour examples.

The Painted Dog avatar’s head is shaped in such a way that it appears to fit rigged mesh hair without any additional tweaking or resizing of the head. This adds to the user friendly nature of the avatar, and is likely to be of use to users who have a preference for this type of hair.



KahootsPDogHUDThe aforementioned feature of using a ‘solid’ piece of mesh with semi-transparent textures to add the fur layer brings about a known graphics glitch. This isn’t often visible, and is only the case when the tail (or cheek fluff) is positioned in front of other semitransparent textures. However, this isn’t as much a strike against the avatar as a known hiccup found in such textures.



Overall, the Painted Dog is a great addition to Kahoots growing menagerie of avatars, and it’s also an effective offering to the niche avatar market in bringing an uncommon species under the spotlight using mesh components.

Jian is a collector, tinkerer and general lurker with a healthy enthusiasm for avatars and interesting modifications. :>