Kahoots – Fox

Kahoots – as the name may imply, is a collaborative effort between Atticus Vulpes (atticus.zessinthal) and Booger (Boogmonster). The Fox is their first official release under this name. Herein lies a whistle-stop tour of this popular species.

 Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
    • Animated Jaw (with toggleable jaw and tongue states)
    • Multiple Ear States + typing animation
    • Flexible and Solid Mesh Tail (with toggleable positions)
    • Plantigrade Feet
    • Unrigged Mesh Digitigrade Legs/Feet
    • Rigged Mesh DItigigrade Legs/Feet
    • Rigged Mesh ‘Cut’ Digitigrade Feet (for clothing that covers lower legs)
    • Male and Female PG Skins/Shapes
    • Eyelid States and Modifiable Heterochromic Eye Colours
    • Customisation HUD
    • Chat Gesture Box
    • UV Map Box
  • ✓ Modifiable
  • ✓ Copy
  • ✗ NOT Transfer
  • Script Usage With HUD:
    •  294 KiloBytes, (10 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD:
    •  255 KiloBytes, (9 Scripts)
  • Avatar Render Weight:
    • 30566


Overall Impressions

Kahoot_Fox_360Out of the box, the fox avatar demonstrates crisp, defined textures that show little to no seam lines upon the skins. The overall aesthetics are pleasant, and the package contains examples of well ‘sculpted’ mesh components, with good use of semitransparent texturing on the ears, tail and cheeks.
The fox avatar is not overly toony nor overly realistic, and it manages to demonstrates a certain style that is reflected throughout the entire avatar, no components appear to be mismatched or appear out of place. In all, the product represents the fox species well, both with it’s markings and general facial shape.


Kahoot_Fox_Head360The choices given for the leg options are a positive. At times the community has a divided opinion on the aesthetics when it comes to using either plantigrade or digitigrade legs and feet – so it’s a pleasant feature to be given the choice. The inclusion of ‘cut’ mesh feet for digitigrade leg wearers who would also like to use clothing/accessories to compliment this leg style choice is also a considerate plus. Users who like to attach components to their legs are also considered, as unrigged digitigrade legs are also provided. (It is worth mentioning at this point, perhaps, that the unrigged legs and feet are one solid attachment.)

Kahoot_Fox_HUDSimilarly, the box comes with two tail types. the flexible tail is comprised of semi-transparent flexible cones, and responds to HUD inputs regarding twitch and a small handful of positions. A solid tail is also provided, which is constructed using several 100% transparent mesh tails in different positions, also made available via the HUD.


The flexi-tail suffers from the minor issue of flickering and overlapping textures towards the tip, but this isn’t a fault that comes from the avatar itself – it’s become something of an expected downside to using this method of building tails.

Also, the transitions between some attached mesh components (namely the hands and legs) and the ‘standard’ mesh body show a minor interruption of textures and shading, which becomes more apparent with ‘basic shaders’ enabled. This is not a glaring issue however, and it has become apparent that some viewers handle the shading of rigged mesh differently to sculpted and unrigged components, making even 100% texture matching appear ‘off’ with some settings.

Unique Features


Kahoots offers a box of UV maps as part of the package for those wishing to make their own textures for their fox.

The box also includes a changelog notecard – which amongst documented updates houses a special jaw script for modders who wish to add items to the mouth, either through holding items or adding piercings to the multiple tongue states. This comes with the promise of an upcoming tutorial to presumably demonstrate the script’s correct usage.

The neatly organised HUD is of interest here, particularly in the eye options. Users are able to colour the iris, shine and shadow of each eye independently. This, coupled with the glow, eye dilation and eyelid states makes for a wide range of customisation options, and easily helps to add character to the fox with relatively little effort.

Kahoots have put together a video demonstrating the HUD’s usage here:


The fox avatar has been built with modification in mind, but is also just as effective as a standalone avatar. The head will fit most sculpted hair (and even some rigged hair with some careful tweaking) and the use of the original SL mesh body means texture based clothing is still a possibility. In all, Kahoots has presented a solid fox avatar with just enough character to stand out, but is also subdued enough to be customised freely without being forced into any particular ‘theme’.

Jian is a collector, tinkerer and general lurker with a healthy enthusiasm for avatars and interesting modifications. :>