Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)


What is SLARF?

Created in 2008, the Second Life Avatar Review Files (SLARF) is a resource that helps users find information, photography, and videos of avatars that might be interested in. Hence, as a team of reviewers, we examine, evaluate, and showcase various avatars within Second Life. Our reviews include information on avatar build quality and technical features, as well as limited opinions on the strengths and weaknesses. There is no ulterior motive of product promotion or the creation of bad publicity. We wish to act as a first-stop for avatar product reviews.

Meet the Staff


Chief Editor, Photography/Videography, Public Relations


Review Editor, Senior Writer 


 How SLARF Works

  1. Either avatar creators ask SLARF to review their avatars, or creators will be approached to discuss the possibility of avatars being featured on the site. An agreement between SLARF and the avatar creator will take place. Only Forepawz Golem will arrange these agreements – no one else is authorised to negotiate on SLARF’s behalf.
  2. A photographer/videographer and a Staff Writer each receive 1 or more avatars for which to the photos, videos, and text are provided.
  3. After completion of all media, the text, photos, and video are put in one review and posted. Creators are informed of review postings and have the retain right to dispute  the content of the review


Got an Avatar you want reviewed?

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