Curious Inc. (Uchi) Moufette V2

It seems like Curious Inc. is starting to update their older avatars, starting with the Moufette. At a first look at this update, the attention to detail as well as features has greatly improved. In this review, I will take a closer look at this updated skunk and its features.



Permissions and Statistics

  • 3D eyes
  • RGB/HSL color configuration
  • Adjustable dilation
  • Sculpted blink animation
  • Animated mouth that responds to typing, speech gestures, or other animations
  • Anti-aliased whiskers
  • Adjustable brows
  • Smiling or not smiling
  • 10 tail positions with mirror option
  • Both genders included
  • Modifiable
  • Copiable
  • Non-Transferable
  • Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC)
    • 1130-1140


  • As what appears to be the norm now for Uchi’s skins, the new Moufette has an overall smooth texturing including shading to help add some toning. Just like the older version, the markings are pretty sharp and symmetrical on either side. The texturing for the attachments matches the nice quality of the skin, though the back of the head is missing the striped marking going up the neck. This isn’t a huge concern, though, if you plan on wearing hair. When unpacking, you have a choice between male or female. The only notable difference, aside from the shapes, is the shading in the skins, where the female’s is more focused on shading the chest. The avatar comes in all natural shades, including several brown and cream colors as well as your standard black and white. There are also inverted, pure black, and all white options. Unlike its predecessor, though, it does not come in any unnatural colors.
  • As far as the build for the avatar goes, it is pretty smooth. Again, it looks like Uchi has worked towards making a smooth, symmetrical build with few seams. Almost all edges of the head appear to be nice and round, save for the back of the head which looks slightly angular. Again, this can be overlooked since it is likely to be covered with hair.



  • The feet are similar to the older Moufette with their long toes and claws. The claws themselves are not recolorable, but can still be tinted. The difference with this update, though, is that there are smooth sculpts, and instead of prims for paw pads they have a nice textured bottom that gives the look of soft footpads. If it weren’t for the long toes, the new Moufette feet could pass for human.
  • Unlike his previous avatars, Uchi has switched things up by not including shins. The heel of the foot lines up nicely with the avatar’s leg, and is good for a non-digigrade look. Also, instead of including paws or wrist attachments, they have opted for making the palm of the hands to match the bottom of the feet with the same soft-looking texture resembling paw pads.

  • With this avatar, users only receive one tail. It is a pretty innovative piece of work, combining sculpts and alpha textures to give it a fluffy look. The fluff itself is animated, appearing to wave. From the back and side the tail looks uniform, the alpha textures never clipping and matching with the sculpted base. From the front looking at the underside of the tail, though, it begins to look odd. Depending on the position of the tail, you can start to see through some of the fluff to the parts behind, or the sculpted base seems to stick out more.
  • Also included is an optional ‘Backhawk,’ that gives your skunk’s back a fluffier look. It is made entirely of sculpted alpha textures that look jagged and almost cartoony with their grey outlining. It looks best from the side, and matches the style of the also optional Mohawk.


  • At a first glance, this avatar seems less ‘cute’ than what Uchi normally puts out. The muzzle is bulkier and not as slim as the Ringtail, but still fits the same shape as its predecessor. The eyes are smaller, yet hold the same vivid texturing that has become natural for Curious Inc. Overall; it is fitting for its species and is still nice and round enough to be cute if you want to.
  • The eyes seem to be set up in the same way his other recent avatars are, being separate eye attachments to allow movement. The pupils are adjustable via the Dilation slider on the HUD, and range from completely covering the iris to not existing at all.
  • The thing that stands out most for the Moufettes with markings is the stripe on the front of the head. It is nice and sharp, and runs down from the forehead to the nose. It is symmetrical, and hlpes to give the avatar a fur-covered look without putting too much detail into it. The texturing on the rest of the head is fairly simple, yet gives enough detail and shading to have it match the rest of the body.
  • The nose is pretty bulbous, which is suitable for a skunk, and has a smooth build. The texturing is equally as smooth, though I wish there was more detail to it to help make it look more like a proper skunk nose.
  • Also stuck on the muzzle is a set of whiskers, clean and anti-aliased as well as completely recolorable.
  • Separate from the head is a jaw attachment that lines up beautifully, as the build for the head leaves a little notch for it to match up with. This way, the jaw appears more natural and less hinged when opened. Inside of the mouth is a set of rounded off teeth, the ones further back being tinted to add more depth. The tongue animates when typing or talking, which is nice when considering the lips remain static.

  • An optional piece that comes with is a Mohawk that is attached to the top of the head. Included with it is some fluff that comes down to the sides of the head. This time it looks like Uchi has opted for using alpha textures instead of prims. While it helps add to the fluffy look of the tail and mohawk, it appears too thin or light for the head itself. When looking dead-on at the front of the head, you may even notice that they don’t completely attach to the cheeks. This can simply be fixed by moving them in a little, or even removing them if you’re not a fan. The mohawk itself is textured in the same fashion as the backhawk, giving it an almost cartoony appearance. Although jagged in appearance, it does have a lighter look to it as it waves back and forth.


  • This HUD has the same layout as the Ringtail’s, only with more features. On it, you can control how your eyes look, from how open or shut they are to what color you’d like them to be. The only drawback to coloring the eyes is that is applied to both, having no choice in the left or right. To achieve bi-colored eyes, you’ll have to detach one. Unlike previous avatars, there is the option to change your brows. This way the face becomes more expressive, either with sad or angry looks. The mouth has a subtle smile feature, which tugs up a little on the upper lip.
  • One important note that is included with this avatar is that the jaw helps position the eyes. Doing so, it is important to detach the jaw when changing avatars, so it will return the eyes to the default position.
  • Last but not least on the HUD is the tail portion. There are 10 positions to choose from, as well as a mirror option which essentially gives you nearly 20 positions of the tail. At least half of the positions have the end of the tail curved to one side, again being your choice to which side depending on if it’s ‘mirrored’ or not.


  • Overall, I think that this avatar is fairly customizable. All parts on it come copy/mod, making it easy for you to play around with things like the whiskers, fluff, or mohawk. I have found, as with most furry avatars, that fitting hair onto it requires moving a few pieces about. It’s the cheeks that clip out, as the head is a little wider than your average human. Fitting clothes on this new Moufette should be a piece of cake, as you don’t have to worry about paws or shins getting in the way of things.
  • Another somewhat innovative thing that Uchi has done, that I haven’t seen others do, is offering up a template of the new Moufette head for only L$1. It gives you an inside look at how he maps his textures, as well as giving avatar modders an easier time with his product.


When put next to the older version of the Moufette, this update really blows it out of the water. Not only with it’s features, but the detail and thought put into it as well. Although it does not come with as many color options as the first one, it still does a beautiful job with the natural tones of the skunk and appears more fluffy and playful than it. This update is definitely worth getting, whether for the nice skin, to turn it into a completely different mustelid, if not just to update your old Moufette.

  • W

    Looks nice, best skunk I’ve seen so far. Looking forward to the kzk wolf review.

  • Vince D.

    Been meaning to get this, it looks great!

    Also: CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL. Right, Conclusion section? :B

    • Lucky Effingham

      Funny thing is I never typed it in caps x3
      Thanks for pointing it out, though!

  • Science

    Man, this thing has one of the nicest tails I’ve ever seen. Best skunk on SL, probably. Just wish they came in some wild colors.

  • Moonjava

    I love this av, wear it all the time since I got it. It’s wonderfully simple and just as customisable as Uchi’s previous avatars. It’s worth mentioning that the shapes that come with these avatars are very good. Don’t have to mess with them much at all.

    Also, where is that hair from in the pictures? I like it a lot!

  • Blau Rascon

    Best skunk avatar I’ve seen so far, and my favorite tail so far. It’s amazing through and through. The free head modification kit is *amazing* as well; the head is extremely easy to mod once you get hold of the seams.
    Uchi does amazing work in general, and the moufette is a great example of it. ^_^

  • Emari

    Are the ears detachable?

    • Zii

      The ears are part of the head attachment, but it’s a simple affair to unlink them if you want to use alternate ones.

    • Emari

      Thanks for the response. Finally caved and got a creme colored one and love it! 😀 I added a rat tail and put on some pirate clothes so I can be a Pi-rat XD

      Well worth the buy 🙂 Cute and sexy furry