.:Chimera:. Dogs

In this review, we start up our review of what we’ll call the .:Chimera:. Dogs. The creator of these domestic canines has rebuilt on the Aventity Wolf avatars into a number of breeds that they hope to expand on in the future. This review will update and add new breeds if and when they become available.

Out of the Box:

Features Specifications
  • Male and Females sold together
    • Alternate foot and leg attachments depending on sex
    • Skins for both sexes (Either unisex or separate)
  • Moving, Recolourable Eyes
  • Wagging Tails
  • Blink States
  • Muzzle Talking Function
    • On/Off Toggle
  • Free Updates
  • Technical Manual included in the Manual
  • Modifiable
  • Copiable
  • Non-Transferable
  • Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC)
    • ~1000


Build and Skin:

  • Each of these breeds comes with the unique markings and details that correspond to the dog that the avatar is based off of. Suffice to say, each of the markings remains pretty true to the originator, with clearly defined edges and colourations. Generally, the textures are at about the same quality level as the Chimera Smilodon.
  • This avatar has each breed come with a corresponding male and female shape, as well as skins, and appropriately sized leg-attachments to fit the shape. Particularly notable is that depending on the breed, we’ll see different eye-shapes and sometimes, even muzzle shape as the eyes become a little more almond-shaped. Female eyes also tend to have a little bit of eye shadow for a feminine touch.
  • The build-quality is up to the usual level we’ve seen from this creator, with clean edges and sculpts, and a construction that minimises creases between prims.
  • We’ll point out that these avatars’ legs are all pretty much the same, but with texturing differences, and some differences in textures. These do not come with alpha layers, but instead, with sculpted invisiprims that fit snugly between the hidden shape-leg and digitigrade leg. Users who wish to use alpha layers will need to acquire those themselves and then remove the invisiprims for the digitigrade legs.

Features and Heads-Up Display:

  • This avatar goes easy on functionality, offering no HUD, but making up for all of this with a lowered price. Users receive scripted tail wags, and occasionally twitching ears. The one option that users have definite control over, though, is the eye-colour. The scripts are sometimes a little iffish, with the small chance that a command or two may not work.

Bull Terrier:

  • This canine is particularly interesting because of its uniquely distinctive appearance. From popular sidekick of popular Canadian Hockey Icons, to mascots of Target, to stars of Bud Light commercials, this particular breed of canine has been just about anywhere.

  • This avatar remains true to its origins with actually a rather simple textured white body with just enough shading and highlights to give it some dimension. The legs and feet are pretty routinely canid, and the tail is a short, mid-length flexible prim with a scripted wag. That just leaves the head to run over quickly.
  • Here, unlike with the German Shepherd, do users receive a unisex head. The Doberman and the German Shepherd have sexually dimorphic heads instead.

  • As you can see from the photo above, the head also remains close to its inspiration with the trademark long muzzle, fair distance between the eyes, and overhang of the muzzle jowls over the bottom jaw. Add in the ears, and some thinning fur, and there’s a pretty strong resemblance. I do believe that it’s the spots of pink skin that really do really cement this avatar as a strong bull terrier.


  • The next canine in our discussion borrows more heavily from the Aventity Wolf avatar than does the Bull Terrier. For this particular breed, the texturing matters a lot because it really is a big marker for the Doberman species. Users can choose between two versions; a Black Doberman and Red Doberman, the difference in which you can see in the included photos.

  • Generally, the textures are pretty spot-on, with well defined markings with decent transitions between different shades of fur. Additionally, there’s a good amount of shading and highlighting that gives the avatar an overall good ‘finish’ in overall presentation. We will remark that on the arms, there’s a slight mismatch where the brown ‘gloves’ meet the black (or burgundy) of the main body. Aside from the legs, this avatar comes with a docked Doberman tail; also with the scripted tail-wag we’ve seen before.

  • With respect to the head, we’ve got a pretty elongated muzzle compared to the other breeds of canid shown in this review. This, plus the ears really are really all the face needed to make this a good Doberman av, but again, it’s with the textures that flesh the head out.

German Shepherd:

  • The last canine from .:Chimera:. that we’ll discuss for now is the German Shepherd. This one breed is a lot closer to the Aventity Wolf overall, especially with respect to the textures.

  • The same detailed textured fur that we saw with the wolf returns here, but with obviously German-Shepherd style markings across the front, and a modification of the fur ‘cape’ on the back as well. The tail itself is the largest of the bunch, and continues to the patterning of the back straight to the tip.

  • In terms of the head, this avatar uses the same head-shape as the Doberman, but the markings are again spot-on on channelling Alsations. While some peers have been loath to admit to me that many German Shepherds do have dots on their cheeks. Other than the textures, however, what ends up fleshing this head out a bit more are the tall, somewhat wider ears with semi-transparent fluff lining the interior.

To be Continued depending on the release of future Canine breeds…

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  • Fayt-5

    Pretty sexy and well sculpt. I think its as great as the Smilodon; still a proud owner~

    Say, where was that hair and outfit purchased? Im always looking for more Hair to better fit my Avis.

  • Dennis

    I think .:Chimera:. / Aventity is still making the best Avatars . The .:Chimera:. Dogs are looking great. It gives me more hope that they update their husky soon^^

    • http://Yes Forepawz – Contributor and Senior Editor

      Bull Terrier Hair’s from the BlackOut* Chimera, while the Doberman’s hair is from Magika.

      Most of my clothes came from the Mensstuff Hunt (Which ends March 5, 2011), and the Dark Katz Hunt (which ends March 5, 2011 as well)

  • http://avatarplanetshop.wordpress.com/ Blaze Borgin

    I’m actually curious. Why does the creator run both Chimera and Aventity?

  • Frankie Tigerca

    I was a little disapointed in the Bull Terrier….While its good…its not quite what I’ve been longing for. The eyes are too large and too almond…Bull Terriers have very small triangular eyes….its a big part of the standard….


    • Kreature

      Completely agree with you Frankie. And I feel the snout isn’t sloped down enough to be called a Bull Terrier.

      As for a side note, I’m not loving the texture work for the dogs. It’s bland in some of the breeds. I do admit, the paws look ok texture-wise. But I don’t like how big they are compared to the body. That’s just my style point of view…

  • Science

    Something about the proportions seems a little odd, but I really love the doberman’s face.

    The feet are also nicely done on these guys too.

  • Nyka

    I reeeeally hope they make a Saluki <3 or any sort of sighthound, really.

  • Stormrunner

    Just a question. Is the muzzle part of the head as one sculpt or a separate piece attached to the head?

    • Anonymous

      Generally, the head is all one prim; muzzle+ eyes. If you can tell me which breed you’re looking at in particular, I’ll be happy to double-check for you.

    • Stormrunner

      The Doberman. Thank you very much for checking. I just know Avenity’s horses head and muzzle/nose are are one prim which is why I asked :).