CarpetShark Avatars – Husky

The  Husky is a fairly new addition to the growing family of Carpet Shark Avatars, and is their first venture into the use of both rigged and non-rigged mesh. We open the charming miniature husky box (which also doubles as a hat!) and take a quick look.

Out of the Box:

Avatar Features Technical Information
  • Male & female skins
  • Male & female shapes
  • Foot/leg variations
  • Male & female head + jaw and expression options
  • Curly and straight tail choices with animation options
  • Two-tone eye colour and expression options
  • Type/Speech responsive jaw
  • Mod YES, Copy YES, Transfer NO
  • Script Usage With HUD: 1 MegaBytes, (21 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD: 1 MegaBytes, (17 Scripts)
  • Avatar Rendering Weight: 22498

Overall Impressions

CSAHusky360The overall feel of the avatar is bright, crisp and a little toonish. It does not stray far from the maker’s previous avatars in terms of style. The skin and textures are excellently executed in their seam-matching, and are both simple and resolved, with painterly nuances of fur along the tail, back and face, giving the impression of fur without being over-complicated and distracting.

CSAHuskyTextureThe option of two tails gives the avatar two distinct feels. One is more traditionally what one might expect with a husky – a curled, fairly short tail. The other is longer, and built using flexible cone prims, giving a far more wolf-like impression. Both respond to HUD commands, which deal with the angle movement. Clicking on the tails will also heighten and lower the respective ‘resting’ angle.


CSAHuskyHead360As previously mentioned, the main identifiable strengths in this avatar come from the seamless execution of the skins, and the smooth, purposeful modelling of the mesh components. The rigging in the legs are of particular note, as this eradicates the need for separate foot/leg prims, and thus removes the ‘crease’ between what was commonly two adjoining sculpts or primitives. This results in a pleasant, natural transition between the joints, and doesn’t appear to suffer from any over-stretching with most Animation Overriders. For those who prefer to use plantigrade legs, slightly longer, unrigged mesh feet are provided, which connect to the base SL mesh ankles with no issues.

CSAHuskyHUDThe avatar benefits from the provision of gender-specific heads, giving the user a choice between a longer or shorter muzzle based on their own stylistic preferences. They are of course interchangeable, and each head suits either shape and skin. The avatar eye features have also been carried across from previous avatars, giving the user the ability to edit primary and secondary sections of each eye via the HUD.


This may come down to preference and style, but there is an unusual trait in both tails, but more prominently so with the flexi-prim version, whereby clicking on it to make it rise will put the tail’s base through the centre of the wearer’s spine.


Carpet Shark Avatars have succeeded in taking a fresh approach to this popular canine. Stylistically it is not overbearing, and leaves a lot of room for modifications and minor HUD-based alterations. The capabilities of mesh have been utilised wisely, without taking away the ability to alter the avatar to the owners content. For instance, keeping the original SL mesh means that users can still apply texture-based clothing, with the same limitations as any other partially sculpted/prim anthro avatar.

Jian is a collector, tinkerer and general lurker with a healthy enthusiasm for avatars and interesting modifications. :>