Avatar Planet – Velix

The Velix is an update to one of Blaze Borgin’s earlier avatars on the teen grid. A canine creature with features from other species, such as bats and scorpions, the Velix’s bright colors and bold patterns are certainly an attention grabber.

 Out of the Box:

Features Permissions and Statistics
  • Partial mesh construction
  • Tintable mouth & paws
  • Voice & Talk reactive jaw
  • Multiple eyelid & jaw states
  • Flight reactive wings
  • Recolorable dual tone eyes
  • ✓ Modifiable
  • ✓ Copiable
  • ✗ NOT Transferable
  • Script Usage With HUD:
    •  976 KiloBytes, (16 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD:
    • 784 KiloBytes, (13 Scripts)
  • Avatar Render Weight:
    • 48087




APVelixHead360The first thing to be noticed when unboxing the Velix is the colors. All of the Velix avatars, with the exception of the inverse variant, are a bright color combined with white accents and thick black stripes. The texturing of the avatar and parts are smooth, even, and strike a great balance between toony and realistic. While most of the avatar is softly shaded, there are furry accents across the skin, such as on the thighs, chest, and head, where we see the most of these details. The aesthetic of the avatar is definitely in line with previous Avatar Planet releases, but we can see the texturing and sculpting improve from one release to the next.


APVelixHUDThe textures are easily one of the Velix’s strongest points – the colors are bright and the patterns are crisp. The painted fur accents are used sparingly, and serve the avatar well. The sculpting is well done – most parts of the avatar are smooth and natural looking, without any signs of wrinkles. With the default shape provided, there is a gap between the avatar mesh and prims of the leg, around the knee. As the legs are unrigged mesh, this can likely be fixed with some editing, but is worth noting.

While the hip wings may not be to everyone’s taste, the creator has made them a separate attachment from the tail, which allows them to be removed or even repositioned. The HUD provides several standard features, such as jaw and eyelid movement, wing folding, and ear twitch. It also provides a color chooser for the dual tone eyes, tongue, and pawpad.



The Velix is a well constructed, unique avatar. It’s another excellent creation from Avatar Planet and would be an excellent purchase for any fan of the more fantastical creatures available on the market.