Avatar Planet Fox

Not long after the release of their first avatar (the Red Panda), Avatar Planet presents us with a fox. Foxes are a rather common furry species, and as such it’s always good to see a new creator’s take on them.


Avatar Features Technical Information
  • Male/Female shapes + PG skins
  • Male/Female tintable hair
  • Flexi and solid tail options
  • Two-tone, separately tintable eyes
  • Tintable pawpads and tongue
  • Talkjaw
  • Partial, non-rigged mesh
  • Modify
  • Copy
  • Non-transferable
  • Script Usage With HUD: 784 KiloBytes, (13 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD: 592 KiloBytes, (10 Scripts)
  • Avatar Rendering Weight
    • 40149


First Impressions

The fox brings us the same level of texture quality as AP’s previous avatar, albeit with noticably less fur shading . This helps rid the avatar of the “scaled” look. On the whole, the avatar’s textures line up excellently. The avatar does not include mature skins, so if that’s your thing, you’ll have to find third-party options.

The majority of this avatar is built with mesh. As such, you will need a compatible viewer to be able to see and use it. Using mesh instead of sculpted prims has eliminated prim wrinkling from the avatar, leaving the prims nice and smooth. There are some areas where the prims “clip”, noticeably on the knees, feet, and corners of the jaw, but these are in-world positioning or texture clips, not mesh model clips.

On the “toony versus realistic” scale, this avatar is about in the middle, leaning toward toony. It’s not uber-realistic, nor is it uber-toony; it’s a nice balance between the two. However, the vibrant colors and shading add points to its more idealistic aspect.

The HUD is simple and straightforward. Under the Colors/Appearance menu, you can adjust your avatar’s colors by clicking on the appropriate button and using the HSL color picker. You will see a preview of the colors you’ve chosen on the HUD, so you don’t need to move your camera around to see your feet or inside the mouth.

Under the Movement menu, you can control your ears (twitch on/off, typeturn on/off), jaw (4 pre-set positions, talkjaw on/off, tongue in/out), and your eye state (5 pre-set positions).

The HUD does not need to be worn at all times and can be safely removed if you wish.


A quick note about the jaw movement: There is currently a bug where sometimes the jaw states will not work properly. To fix this, go to a different sim. This should be fixed in the future.




This avatar is digitgrade, as foxes are. However, if you remove the digi legs, you will find that the feet may also work well as plantigrade with a little positioning adjustment. Some users may enjoy this versatility, others may argue that such dual-style feet are frustrating, though – this is something that users will have to decide for themselves. I regard it as a strength, personally, especially with the amount of rigged mesh clothing increasing – being able to switch between plantigrade and digitigrade will be useful, if you wish to wear some human pants.

A UV map for the mesh parts will be released soon, so modders can easily retexture the avatar to fit their needs. On that note, the avatar is mod and copy – feel free to edit it to fit your needs. Always keep a backup though, in case something breaks!

The sculpted and flexible fox tails also manage to pull off a fluffy look, giving the avatar a little extra volume.


Like all things mesh, the quality of the mesh components of the avatar can vary drastically depending on the user’s settings. For the best results, set Object/Avatar level of detail to the maximum 4 under Preferences > Graphics.

The area on the feet where the digi legs connect to them is more of a flat shade of your chosen color, whereas the same area on the digi legs is more fur-textured. This leads to a bit of a texture clash visible mostly upon zooming out.

Neither of the tails included are scripted. Users can add their own tail scripts if desired, but doing so will require some modding experience (a new root prim on the solid tail is needed if you want it to wag, for example).


Unique Features

This avatar comes with tintable male and female hair styles. Third-party hair can be fitted to this avatar with relative ease. However, with all third-party hair, always try a demo, always buy moddable hair, and be wary about rigged mesh. (Rigged hair can be fitted to furries with some effort, but not all hair styles will fit!)


There are two limited edition Firefox colorations of the avatar available until September 3rd, 2012. The Firefox comes with all the features of the main Fox, but with a unique design (orange or blue on black), more defined skins, and a firey solid tail. (See below!)


I hear the same compliment for this avatar a lot, and I have to agree: It’s downright adorable. The design of the avatar aims to be slightly more realistic than toony, yet the colors are more toonish than realistic. This is an interesting mix that will definitely make this fox stand out as an option for those looking for the latest vulpine.

Worn in photo:

Photos for this review were taken in the following sims:Calas Galadhon Park Estate

Aggro – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aggro/128/128/2

Blau was a staff writer at SLARF. She's been a resident of Second Life since late 2008, living on the Teen Grid until late 2009. She enjoys collecting and modding avatars and helping others out with finding new avatars.