Avatar Planet Bat

Bats are the only mammal capable of sustaining true flight and are found on almost every continent in the world. Within the furry community, however, they can sometimes seem a bit rarer and it isn’t very often that we really see a new bat avatar released in Second Life. Avatar Planet steps up to help even out the numbers with their third avatar, the Avatar Planet Bat.


Avatar Features Technical Information
  • Male & female skins
  • Male & female shapes
  • Male & female hair
  • Optional chest fluff
  • Two wing variations
  • Two flight AOs
  • Tintable wing webbing, tongue, etc.
  • Type/Speech responsive jaw
  • Mod YES, Copy YES, Transfer NO
  • Script Usage With HUD: 704 KiloBytes, (14 Scripts)
  • Script Usage Without HUD: 512 KiloBytes, (11 Scripts)
  • Avatar Rendering Weight: 61448



Overall Impressions

APBat360Fresh out of the box, the Avatar Planet Bat presents itself with vivid and crisp textures. Stylistically, the bat is a very comfortable medium between extreme realism and a hyper-cartoony style, resulting in a smooth, lightly detailed avatar. To keep the avatar from becoming so smooth it seems overly simplistic, it features several well-placed patches of textured fur around its body. From its ears to its long fingers and plantigrade feet, it is also immediately obvious that the bat has had a lot of attention given to making sure that it is anatomically correct. The avatar is largely unrigged mesh, but does contain prim ears and a prim tail. Although the avatar is plantigrade, the AVP Bat does include sculpted calves which make tAPBatHead360he foot-to-leg transition seamless and add a bit of ankle fluff. The simplistic HUD features a “Movement” tab, where users can control things like nose type, wing span, and jaw rotation, as well as a “Colours/Appearance” tab where the bat’s eyes, tongue, and wing-webbing can be tinted.


APBatFacesThe Avatar Planet Bat accomplishes multiple things very well, but the foremost of them is just how bat-like the avatar truly is. It contains a number of important features, including trademark bat ears, two bat-nose variations, wings, and structurally correct hands and feet. The avatar also includes optional chest fluff, two wing options, and two tintable hair styles. While each hair style is technically labeled “male” and “female” both have a sort of punk/mohawk look and can easily be used on either gender of avatar. Both sets of wings have folded and unfolded states that can be controlled automatically, remaining folded until the avatar flies, or manually, folding and unfolding at the user’s discretion. Another great addition to the avatar is the included Flight AO, which offers smooth and realistic flight animations for each of the two wing sets.



APBatHUDThe HUD for the bat is perhaps one of its weakest points. While it isn’t terribly hard to figure out, it doesn’t feel very intuitive, either. Upon attaching the HUD for the first time, the user is greeted with a rather large interface that defaults to the “Movement” tab, despite the HUD having a navigation/main page. Although there are only two tabs, there is no easy way to get between them beyond hitting the “back” button to go to the main page. While the HUD does feature a “hide” button, it can only be accessed from the main page and even when hidden, the smaller blue HUD button is surrounded by a large white square that only draws further attention to it. As you begin to inspect the avatar more closely, there are also a few noticeable places where the textures don’t quite line up, namely in the head. These include where the cheek fluff meets the head and where the jaw connects to the head when the mouth is open.


Unique Features

APBatWingsFor users seeking an anatomically correct bat that isn’t overly realistic, the Avatar Planet Bat is absolutely the place to turn. The avatar provides well-sculpted feet/legs and hands that are completely appropriate for a bat as well as very bat-like ears and wings. As a bonus to those who do not prefer the pointed nose many bats possess, the avatar includes an alternate, more canine nose (referred to as the “flying fox” nose). The bat also contains two wing types: a set of arm-esque wings that extend from the shoulder blades of the avatar and a set of more finger-like wings that extend directly from (and replace) the hands. Both sets of wings are a compromise from more realistic bat wings, which would connect from the fingers or “hand” of the avatar with webbing that would line the sides or back of the body. Given the necessary anthropomorphic aspects of a furry avatar, however, both wings are very aesthetically pleasing and either make an excellent choice for the completed avatar.



While the Avatar Planet Bat does feature a HUD that could probably use a little more work, I would not call it a deterrent for anyone looking to purchase the avatar. Overall, the bat is a smooth-looking and fun avatar that should satisfy a number of longings among bat-lovers while still catering to the average user just looking for a nice avatar.

Kyrin Softwind is a collector of avatars and shiny things alike! When she's not drawing or working on a new photo edit, you can usually find her out shopping for new mods and clothing.